maker series #9: sounds like coke

It has been over six months since I’ve worked on a Maker Series post. While I’ve been busy doing other things, I have definitely missed taking these deep dives into the maker community and telling the stories of some of my favorite members. We’re getting everything going again with one of my favorite makers and one of the most talented artists in the game - Koch Tools.

maker series #8: custom grinds

From restaurant manager to executive chef and now full-time knife-maker, Tony Nicholl is one of the most prominent makers in the EDC community. His signature EDC fixed blade knives and other pocket tools are some of the best out there and it's always exciting to see what he's working on in his shop. I may be slightly obsessed with Nicholl Knives and today you're going to see why.

Maker Series #5: Cool as a Chameleon

I've spent time talking about a lot of different folks in the everyday carry space, but today we're taking a look at someone that continues to impress me with every new product he creates. From his pry-bars to the popular Chugger bottle opener and everything else he cranks out - Taylor from TRA Designs is one of the most genuine and hard-working guys I've met ever since I became a part of the EDC community. 

Maker Series #1: Home is Where You Take It

I'll be honest: when I first came up with this idea, I wasn't sure who I should reach out to, or who I wanted to feature. My goal was to find the best of the community and share their passion with you. It was clear that from the time I reached out to Adam and Hope at Rustic.EDC to when I received my first package from them: they embodied everything good about this community.